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Griffith Social Media Team

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The Griffith Collective website is home to our Social Media team of students, who create, debate and relate on student life here at Griffith Uni.

Zoë Keidge – Graphic design / Instagram

Zoë, Instagrammer – The Griffith Collective

Zoë- Instagrammer, The Griffith Collective

Zoë is 20 years old and in her third year of uni, studying Business and Digital Media on the Gold Coast. She describes herself as a true procaffinator (see our Instagram, you’ll understand). In the nature of being a true uni student, she stays up too late, sleeps in too long, procrastinates by doing everything but the thing she’s supposed to, and of course she loves pizza. Aside from all of that Zoë loves to travel, see new places and meet interesting people.

As part of the Griffith Collective team, her main role is to take care of the Griffith Instagram account, apart from replying with humorous puns, if the opportunity presents itself, she also takes part in the graphic design work and makes images to be shared within the Griffith social media accounts. If you’re interested in occasionally hearing the best puns ever, and keen for some “lols”, follow our Instagram @griffithuniversity.

Brie Eyre – PR guru & Power Twitterer

Brie Eyre, Blogger - The Griffith Collective

Brie Eyre- PR guru, The Griffith Collective

Brie is 21 and in her final year of the Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications on the Gold Coast. She moved up from Tasmania three years ago in search for warmer weather and new adventures. While studying at Griffith University she has discovered her love for politics and cooking. In her spare time Brie can be found socialising with friends, catching up on the news or cooking new recipes all while consuming extensive amounts of coffee.

Brie’s role on the team is to keep content rolling and updated on the blog and occasionally posting to the Griffith University Twitter and Facebook. She is another writer for the team and works behind the scenes to assure quality is assured and then quantity.

Nicole Clowes – Illustrator / Tumblr


Nicole – Illustrator and Tumblrer, The Griffith Collective

Nicole is a 2D animator and illustrator from Brisvegas, Australia. Currently studying her honours in Animation at Griffith University Queensland College of Arts in Brisbane, she’s always looking to experiment and try new things. She strives for originality and loves creating work with a blend of humour, passion and a touch of quirkiness.

She’s worked on illustrations for COO’EE Brisbane, as well as a number of independent clients and alongside Cartoonist Danni Cohen, teaching kids to draw. Being elected the Creative Industries Captain during high school taught her leadership and responsibility. The tedious work of an animator and artist, though troublesome at times with its heavy reliance on patience and determination, continues to be a joy and something she’s fiercely passionate about. Allergic to cold weather, you’ll probably find Nicole hanging out by the beach or sketching silly comics with a cup of tea in hand.

Mindy Davies – Writer / Photographer / Facebook

Mindy Davies – Writer, The Griffith Collective

Mindy Davies – Writer, The Griffith Collective

Mindy is our resident Gold Coast campus blog writer and manager of Facebook inquiries. If you have a tough question or want to know what it’s like to be a student at Griffith she will give you her best answer or at least send you in the right direction. Don’t ask her what her favourite coffee shop is, or how many dachshunds she wants for her birthday, these questions are just too difficult to answer…

Her spare time is spent attempting to surf, being a clown or people watching in café corners. She is a student of Law and International Relations and has a passionate love for social justice, the natural environment and making people laugh.

Natasha Smith – Designer / Writer

Natasha Smith - Graphic design graduate from QCA Griffith

Natasha Smith – Graphic Designer, The Griffith Collective

Natasha (A.K.A. Tash) is a freshly brewed Graphic Design graduate from Griffith University Queensland College of Art. Currently living it up on the Gold Coast, you can spot her working behind the UniBar on campus. Tash spends most of her free time working with small businesses and Animal Welfare charities around the Gold Coast with their design projects and needs. Tash has been traveling the world since she was 4 and is itching to get back out exploring with her trusty camera Wilson.

One of her main roles in the Griffith Collective team is creating visual content, both digital photography and video, for Griffith to help keep you in the loop of what’s going on around Uni. Likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but not into Yoga.

Hannah Sbeghen – Writer


Hannah Sbeghen – Writer, The Griffith Collective

Hannah Sbeghen is a third year Journalism student as well as an avid news and coffee consumer.  Usually found telling a dad joke Hannah is on Nathan campus, home to the infamous Griffith bush turkey Barbara Gobbles. As a proud student of Griffith she was inspired by her work experience with Fairfax media at Brisbane’s Economic Summit and Griffith University’s ‘The Source News’ to share life at Griffith through different journalism mediums such as video stories, blogging and news articles.

Hannah believes The Griffith Collective is an inspiring patchwork of stories about Griffith Students and is excited to be a part of a Griffith only blog. Her job on the team is primarily meeting students and attending Griffith events in an endeavor to capture Griffith life – she also tries to lend a helpful hand at informing students what to look out for around campus and occasionally offers some great gems of advice. Passionate about writing and easily excited by the mention of food, Hannah is on a mission to break the ice as a beginner story-teller as she observes, writes and interviews faces of Griffith.

Ainslie McCormick – Sports / Clubs / Events / Snapchat

Ainslie McCormick - Snapchatter, The Griffith Collective

Ainslie McCormick – Snapchatter, The Griffith Collective

Ainslie is a third year double degree student of Information Technology and Multimedia from the Sunshine Coast. Moving to the big smoke to study at both Nathan and Southbank, she takes a double major in Internet Marketing and Visual Communication.

She has a high level of involvement with Griffith Sports & Events and juggles being president of the Griffith Basketball Club whilst being a member of many other clubs. Her involvement in representative sports throughout her life has given her a great sense of passion and precision in everything she does.  Ainslie is never scared to stand out from the crowd. She is most commonly found moving frantically around campus on the @griffithsnaps Snapchat account.

Brooke White – Designer / Writer

Brooke White - Writer, The Griffith Collective

Brooke White – Writer, The Griffith Collective

Brooke is a third year Digital Media student majoring in Graphic Design and Creative Entrepreneurship.

Hailing from the heart of Brisbane, she has a passion for anything to do with design, craft, creativity and adventures (not long walks on the beach). Brooke doesn’t like to pass up any opportunities and believes nothing is worth doing unless it’s done right.

She has a knack for brainstorming and knows how to develop and see through an idea from start to finish. She’s recently designed the new Griffith Collective logo, team T-shirts, will soon be redesigning this website and will also start to explore her blog writing skills. Other than that, you can find her on her computer listening to music and dishing out designs, watching a movie or lying in bed playing video games, but not Call of Duty.